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  • Introducing a Zen master. Master Konggu Youlan conducts a paid video course of meditation professor.

  • This is a series of teachings derived from the enlightened Buddha 2500 years ago. The Buddha himself practiced and created this meditation Philosophy , thus fully understanding himself and becoming enlightened. In 2500 years, from the ancient Ganges Indus Valley to South and East Asia and the world, many people have accepted the Buddha's teachings and practiced the Buddha's inheritance and understood that they have become enlightened. This is an era when human life is about to undergo unprecedented changes. To understand ourselves and become a real enlightened person is almost our only choice, because the enlightened person will not be lost in the future.

  • The initial aim of meditation training: The first goal reached——Samadhi;Then use meditation as a tool to observe the self-awareness development process in order, and finally fully understand the self.


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Master Konggu Youlan was born in Mongolia in 1965. Later in 1988, he became a monk and a professional Zen practitioner.

Master Konggu Youlan, under the tutelage of many highly accomplished masters, has gained many inheritances. Later, he spent 30 years practicing meditation in the Zhongnan Mountain, China, during which he verified and practiced the Buddha's meditation teachings and deciphered the code of the Buddha's inheritance.

Master Konggu Youlan believes: Buddha's enlightenment is to truly understand himself and understand who I am. This is also the purpose of meditation, as an important verification of meditation achievement is to modify brain nerve connections through meditation.

Now, Master Konggu Youlan offers online video meditation courses to share his inherited path of enlightenment.

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